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What we do

Pearlfisher is an independent creative business made of the definitive partnership of Futures, Strategy and Design.

We build the most desirable brands - Challengers & Icons - brands that drive change and those that always lead the way.

Based in London, New York, San Francisco and Copenhagen, we share a single philosophy and unique expertise that enables us to most effectively bring our collective talent and experience to every brand. We form partnerships with our clients all around the world through three areas of expertise - Futures, Strategy and Design - working separately and together to harness change, express meaning and make impact.

Lightweight design

Designing a future where packaging and waste have zero impact.

Over our 25 year history, we have designed hundreds of brands into existence. Challenging what’s possible, always looking to the future, understanding where peoples’ hearts and minds are facing and designing brands people desire.

As we face forward to our next 25 years, Pearlfisher is committed to using our design expertise to remove waste and reduce the environmental impact of everything we create with our partners.

This is a design ethos we call, Lightweighting.

Lightweighting is Pearlfisher’s sustainability philosophy that centres around doing more with less.

Acknowledging that the subject of sustainability is vast, we draw clarity from complexity, with the end goal: Design that is truly fit for purpose.

We identify opportunities and design lightweight solutions across the entire lifecycle of a product: supply chain, materials, structure, finishes and across a brand’s touchpoints.

Taken both literally and figuratively, Lightweighting is the way we look at the world, using and taking less and lightening and distributing the weight of responsibility to everyone.

Three things we don't do

Unethical work. Free pitches. Free exclusivity.

Here's why:

Unethical work

We are motivated by creating a better future for our world - to enhance peoples’ lives not comprise them. This means we won’t work with anyone that isn’t truthful about their brand, is wilfully harming life, enforcing hardship or damaging the environment.

Free pitches

We say no to all free creative pitches. It’s simply not good business for anyone. We believe that the most effective work is built on the foundation of close collaboration, strong partnership and deep understanding. Not contrived competitions which fail to recognise the true value of our work.

Free exclusivity

Being experts at what we do attracts a community of like-minded clients who sometimes have competing interests. We offer our clients world class, original and effective brand building solutions. We ensure absolute confidentiality on every project. But we can't offer exclusivity without a reciprocal commitment from our clients.

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