Kitman Leung

Senior Designer

For several years now, I’ve specialized in package design and brand worlds, particularly for various spirits brands.

With a background in fine art, a keen eye for crafting typography and a strict attention to detail, I bring a fresh perspective to the wide array of projects we have in studio. Through visual storytelling and designs that forge strong emotional connections, I seek to engage audiences on a human level.

In the city there’s no shortage of beautiful design. I find it in both expected and unexpected places, surrounding myself with its powers of inspiration as often as possible.

Whether it’s attending galleries and museums every Saturday, or splurging on expensive designer stationaries, I love documenting newly discovered design on my Instagram account.

Justine Allan

Head of Client Management

My whole life has been dedicated to design and strategic brand thinking. It’s my education, my passion and my career. I’m lucky enough to say it is this passion that has led me on many global adventures... including a residency in three major cities for creativity: London, San Francisco and New York.

I’ve worked with a multitude of brands including big multinationals and new start-ups. From tea to real estate; consumer tech to beer - each brand with a unique and exciting business challenge to solve. I am most content when everyone is invested, informed and passionate about a project. I work with my clients and colleagues to create simple, clear and inspiring briefs that result in world class creativity and, along the way, I work to build stronger and more exceptional partnerships, because great work breeds more great work.

Outside of the studio, you'll find me with Mabel, my puppy, or throwing myself down snowy mountains.

Jaisy Roman


I grew up in the city, so I might not be able to drive or swim well, but it does mean I have a natural interest in the design and fashion industries. Design has been essential to who I am as a person, for as long as I can remember.
I attack every day with a strong work ethic – I try my best and then try again. That approach allows to me to push the boundaries. My favorite part of my job is finding an unexpected, but just-right, solution for a client.
I grew up designing clothes, and still have a passion for it. I love how design and fashion can act as a window to person's soul and can constantly evolve with your mood. When I leave the office at the end of the day, I’m likely heading home to keep designing and sketching by hand.

Susan Levy

Client Director

As Client Director, I lead projects internally and externally, with a focus on understanding and interpreting our clients’ business challenges and how these can be solved through design. I have a thorough understanding of the creative process and a strong intuition when it comes to cultural nuances and how those translate visually.
I studied Design Management at Parsons, so it’s safe to say this role is my dream job! I’m a firm believer in the power of design to drive innovation and I love nurturing ideas that lead to beautiful and intelligent designs.

Stephen Kwartler

Senior Digital Artworker

I have worked in digital graphics for over 15 years with a focus on packaging, advertising and direct mail. I’ve had the chance to work with some incredible brands over the years including Pepsico, Tylenol, IKEA and NBC. I’m a team player and come to work every day with an upbeat, can-do attitude and a love for great design.
I’m a native New Yorker - I grew up in The Bronx and still live there with my wife and children. I got into graffiti when I was young, which sparked my interest in design. It’s now an integral part of my everyday life – I even design and wear (almost exclusively) my own t-shirts. If design and graffiti weren't enough to keep me busy, I'm passionate about electronic music and have been making my own for over 20 years.

Christiana Theophanopoulos


I was born in Paris and raised in Athens, but always dreamed of living in New York. I moved here when I was 17 and, like any real New Yorker, have a real love-hate relationship with this amazing city.
I have a BFA and Masters in Communication Design from Pratt. After graduating, I worked in the advertising industry, so I have an innate love for storytelling and branding. This background has made me a very conceptual and strategic designer and the best branding, in my eyes, is based on a simple and relatable insight – something human that reaches people on an emotional level. 
I love cooking and eating. If there is such a thing as a chocolate-addiction, then I definitely have one! When I’m able to escape the city, I’m usually living the simple life on a remote Greek island.

Liviu Dimulescu

Senior Visualizer

I’m responsible for creating 3D renderings, retouching, art directing photo shoots and in-house photography. I’m hands-on and passionate and love working across all our exciting projects and teams to help however I can.  
I had an untraditional route to where I am now, going to Dental School in Romania. I worked as a dental assistant for 8 years before I realized I needed a change. I went to school for Visual Communications and taught myself the rest. For the last 12 years, I’ve been a visualizer and have been able to work with great brands like Oreo, Brooklyn Gin, Oscar Meyer and Voss.
When I’m not in the studio, I’m with my family or on my bike exploring the city. I’m also a TED Talk fanatic and science enthusiast. 

Tim Stayne

Senior Visualiser

My role at Pearlfisher involves creating visuals for the entirety of the design process. Whether my work is more stylised or 3D photo-realistic, I try to bring ideas to life wherever I can.

I’ve been here for over 12 years, and having previously worked as a designer and artworker, I’m adept at visualising design briefs with a sharp critical eye. I’m also our in-house photographer which can involve anything from shooting pieces of finished design to retouching and montaging photographic images for all kinds of work.

I also happen to be the in-house Pearlfisher fitness expert! I love running lunchtime fitness sessions to get the whole team re-energised and spend my weekends being equally active, usually with my family and dog.

Alex Wagner


Born and raised in New York, I ventured down south for college to the Savannah College of Art and Design. There, I immersed myself in my love of art and design, ultimately finding my calling in graphic design.

I came to Pearlfisher because of their shared belief in the power of creative collaboration and critical thinking. My goal is to create innovative, sustainable design solutions for the brands we work with - solutions that communicate with audiences in a meaningful way. I’m a storyteller at heart and find the most successful design solutions tell a compelling story.

When I’m not at work, I’m exploring Brooklyn with my pup – finding new eats, expanding my library of art and adding to my ever-growing houseplant collection (which is slowly becoming a jungle).

Freddie Crowther

Business Development Executive

It’s taken me a while to get back into the Pearlfisher building - I interned here at the age of 15 - but a degree in Advertising and Brand Management from Manchester Metropolitan University and a handful of advertising internships later, I’ve made it!

In my role as New Business Executive, I put my love for meeting new people and building relationships to work in bringing new clients through the door. As someone who appreciates quality, my favourite thing about working here is the standard of work we produce: it’s world-class design from a world-class team, driven and passionate about what they do.

Outside of work you’ll find me playing tennis or enjoying a pint of Guinness with mates on the river.

Shane Goldberg

3D Designer

As a 3D designer with a masters in product design, I bring structural design concepts to life at Pearlfisher.

I absolutely love being part of a company that’s small and intimate, as opposed to a global corporation, and part of a team with so much potential for learning, participation and growth. With an eye for both 2D and 3D design, I’m able to get involved in a broad range of projects at Pearlfisher - no two days are ever the same and each project brings with it exciting challenges and rewarding possibility. One of my favourite projects to work on has been Little Dish, because of the innovation inherent in every stage of the process, from our immersion into the product journey and consumer experience to the technology with which we realised our design concepts.

When I’m not designing I’m listening to music (forgive the cliché), or teaching or playing the drums.

Kate Blackham

Creative Resources Manager

I am responsible for managing the workload within the studio and ensuring there is organisation and efficiency between both design and client management.
With my 10 years experience in the industry, I use my passion for the role to drive people and friendly leadership skills to keep everyone around me motivated and energised.
I love surrounding myself with people who want to succeed, which is something that is very apparent here at Pearlfisher.
When I get my head out of scheduling and organising, you’ll find me by the sea, normally with a glass of wine in my hand.

Harriet Beesley

Senior Designer

Coming from a multi-disciplinary background, I have worked on a spectrum of projects: from brand identities for global sports icons to packaging for rock stars; right through to experiential marketing and advertising. This has set me up to tackle any design challenge with lateral thinking and a sense of humour.

What I love most about working as a designer and my role at Pearlfisher is seeing a project through from start to finish: from initial sketch to the highly crafted final design. It's so satisfying to work as part of such an enthusiastic talented team.

Outside of the studio you'll mostly find me with a needle in hand (either the sewing or knitting variety), talking to my cats or getting lost in the countryside.

Nadine Orton

Client Director

Over twenty-five years in the design industry and working on the teams of several top ten agencies has honed my logical approach and no-nonsense attitude, as well as organisational and creative skills.

I have experience ranging from studio management and operations direction to project management, and though I know that every project is unique and individual, my approach to each is with the same proactive, can-do attitude. Patient and unflappable with a degree in Marketing & French, my language skills make me an invaluable member of our internationally-focused client management team.

When not at work, you can find me walking in the Lake District at home, or honing my new hobby, upholstery and interior design.

Rianna Williams

Client Director

My role as Client Director allows me to do the things I love most: talk to people, get things done and learn new things every day.

Having studied in Leeds and Florida as a graphic designer, I earned my stripes in London-based design agencies, developing a deep appreciation for the branding industry with each new client and challenge. At Pearlfisher, I love that every person comes to work with the same kind of positivity and passion, and that the company adapts to whatever it needs to be by embracing the diversity of its people.

When not at work, you’ll find me channeling my inner kid at Rabble - playground games - in the park, or baking up a storm in the kitchen. Fun fact: I won the WI baking competition back in the day, and also appeared on the Great British Bake-Off’s Extra Slice!

Colet Castano

Client Manager

My role allows me to combine two things I love: people and creativity. By linking our teams with our clients, I’m able to help brands that might otherwise be mundane become amazing by empowering people - ours and theirs - to be creative. 

Born and raised in Barcelona, I came to London to study Arts and Creative Industries Management and cut my teeth in leading branding agencies. My passion for the creative industry is born out of respect for the creative minds that comprise it: I love being around people who love what they do and approach problem-solving with originality and innovation. 

Outside of work you can find me teaching swing dance classes, beating the boys in the gym and tackling every possible baking test in the kitchen. Vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, nothing is too much of a challenge!

Eric Rodriguez

Senior Designer

While I was born in New York City, I was raised in Ecuador and Minnesota. This dichotomy gives me a unique view of the world and my diverse upbringing continues to translate into the work I do for our clients today.

I love to travel because it gives me the opportunity to interact with new people and create unique relationships across the globe (having friends and family all over the world helps!). These special connections feed my creative spirit.

When I'm away from my desk, I spend my free time as a founding (and active) member of the Gay Geeks of New York. I'm an avid collector, video game player and comic book reader. But my real superpower? I can find a gif to match any occasion, big or small.

Tiffany Moy

Senior Designer

After studying graphic design at the Academy of Art University in San Fran, I swapped coasts and embraced the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Although it’s not technically my specialty, I love doing illustration. I’m at my best and most free when I step away from the screen and put pencil to paper. Creativity is limitless when you let your mind and pencil wander.

People tell me my design aesthetic reflects my personality, warm and inviting. I seek to create work you can tell has been touched by a person; it should have a human element to it.

I like to eat – to cook up interesting recipes and taste test new restaurants, but don’t you dare call me a foodie. I’m also pretty artsy-craftsy.

Nile Hope

Design Director

My love affair with design started in school – designing logos and album covers for bands, some of which I played in. I was lucky enough to continue designing professionally, and have since worked on a variety of sectors ranging from alcohol to coffee to fashion and personal care. The variety in my past work has made me a flexible designer. I never approach a project the same way twice and always look to deliver inspiring and unpredictable work.

Prior to moving to New York I lived in London for 7 years, working with some of the best minds in the industry and learned to balance the importance of big conceptual thinking with an eye for detail and craft.

I originally hail from the North East of England, and although New York might be my new home, I’m still a diehard follower of Newcastle United Football Club (although I guess it’s time I started calling it soccer). I’m still passionate about music and also enjoy cooking.

Priyanka Krishnamohan

Design Director

An Indian expat and a proud graduate of Pratt Institute with a Masters in Packaging Design, I had always dreamed of pursuing art in the big city.

Strategy tells me a story about a brand and then I use design to relay that story to a greater audience. To me a smart concept is everything and I do everything in my power to preserve it.

I also love the challenge of solving complex design systems for iconic brands. Strong visual communicators can bring clarity and comprehension to the broadest of portfolios.

Music does more than inspire; it defines me. I’ve been quite literally singing its praises since I was 8. And figuratively speaking, I sing for sustainability, beyond simply recycling, and not because it’s a trendy cause to support.

Lauren Koprowski

Strategy Director

As a strategist, I'm always curious and keen to understanding how people think, shop, choose and ultimately bond with brands. Over my 11+ years branding experience, I've worked with Kimberly-Clark, Colgate Palmolive, Scotts, Mars and Walgreens, to name a few. My goal is to make brands outstanding and memorable.

I leverage my design roots to create insight-driven positioning and powerful brand storytelling. I also translate brand strategy into compelling design strategy that informs and inspires the holistic visual and verbal brand journey.

I believe in the power of creative collaboration across disciplines, where everyone has a voice and brings a unique perspective.

Constantly looking for inspiration in unexpected places, I stay on pulse of trends and love identifying what’s just around the corner.

Outside of work you can find me skiing in Vermont, playing with my golden-doodle or exploring Instagram.

Mariah Wright

Futures Analyst

With a master’s degree in Material Futures from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, I have passion for future focused design innovation. I have a keen interest in food, materials and design communication.

In addition to a background in research, I also have two years of experience working on the creative team of the internationally renowned flavor-based experience design and culinary research studio Bompas & Parr.

With Pearlfisher, I aim to bring rich international insights to the work we do, working across all three studios to identify key emerging shifts that can inform and inspire the brands we work with.

Outside of the office I am an avid hobbyist with a far too long list of gardening, cooking and building projects.

Courtney Tight

Client Director

My first experience in the world of branding came when I was Vice President on the board of Australia’s oldest and largest student-run non-profit where I oversaw a major rebranding initiative.

I cut my teeth on the account team of another NYC branding agency before settling in at Pearlfisher. I’ve been told I’m organized, friendly and enthusiastic; attributes I certainly won’t argue with.

The balance between seeing the big picture and actively following the everyday details with a keen eye is a challenge I readily accept. It affords me the opportunity to interact with everyone in the studio.

Having lived in five countries and in possession of two passports, it’s no surprise I love to travel. I’m also an avid photographer, documenting my many adventures. Fun fact: I once wrote a thesis about the Golden Girls.

Molly Rowan Hamilton


For me, the most exciting element of strategy is framing a brand within its cultural context. With experience across Europe, Russia and China, it's my intense curiosity about people, places and things that helps me give brands an intriguing voice that will reverberate across their market.

A daydreamer, over-thinker and incessant observer at heart, my outlook on the world is informed by my interests in literature, history, psychology and general sleuthing. Born to be outside, you'll find me at every spare minute wandering the Scottish highlands, with my dog at my side.

Adelle Noor

Finance Director

As Pearlfisher’s Finance Director, I manage a team that provides day-to-day management of the company’s finances. I bring a robust understanding of the industry to the table, and a keen ability to communicate relevant financial information in a simple and meaningful way. I’m also known company-wide (so I’m told) for my crazy laugh and for always being first at Friday bar!

Outside of work I juggle my time between friends, family, romantic novels and thrillers, wine, the gym, wine, exploring London and chasing sunshine around Europe (with wine).

Ashleigh Steinhobel


With a background in marketing – I was the marketing lead for a tech startup before joining Pearlfisher as part of the Marketing & Communications team – I bring strong communications savvy and a contemporary viewpoint to our Strategy team.

I discovered my passion for branding while studying a creative masters in Paris, having survived a finance degree back home in South Africa. Obsessed with words, culture and the connection between strategic thinking and creativity, I help define directions for brands with inspirational storytelling and bold ideas.

When not exploring London (G&T in hand) or chasing sunshine abroad, I’m eating too much food, exercising to compensate and burying myself in books.

Stuart McClelland

Head of Client Management

I’m passionate about crafting visions and exceeding the expectations of clients as we guide projects through our three Studios - Futures, Strategy and Design.

From my degree in Advanced Chinese Business Studies to my experience providing media relations, public policy representation and design project management to companies in China and multi-nationally, I bring a deep understanding of global branding, design and communications to the Pearlfisher table. I’m fluent in Mandarin and, having spent 6 years living and working in China, I’ve loved strengthening my eastern ties working with Pearlfisher’s many clients in the East.

I thrive on the challenge of uncovering insights to find creative solutions to problems; aside from my love for the East I enjoy keeping fit and subjecting myself to muddy, brutal fitness challenges.

Kristoffer Parup

Head of Strategy

As Head of Strategy at Pearlfisher London, I help to bring clarity, focus and imagination to client briefs, bridging the gap between the groundbreaking insights of our Futures Studio with the visual innovation of our Design team.

After completing an MA in Innovation Management at Central Saint Martins, I worked to help startups grow at Seedcamp; developed bespoke projects with clients around the world for Monocle; and most recently, have brought client visions to life as part of strategy teams at leading global agencies.

When I’m not trying to bring the ethos of Scandinavian design to the world, I flick through books or appreciate a good Rothko.

Tobias Wandrup

Head of Industrial Design

I draw on more than 20 years of industrial design experience working with a special focus on functional, ergonomic and aesthetic design using dynamic, simple lines.

In 1997 I founded Ørgreen Optics together with 2 friends and since then it has become a leading eyewear brand, famed around the world. Today, I still hold the position of Head of Design, leading an amazing team of designers that develop the brand and drive innovation in the category.

I’m especially proud of the many successful designs I have realised for clients like Fiskars, Scubapro and Velux – achieving Red Dots and many other awards along the way.

I’m always inspired by the way we create things for the world and I always seek to create design solutions that are simple and beautifully shaped. Good design just feels right, and we can all recognise it when it is - this for me is the best challenge.

Thomas Kjær

Creative Director

I draw on more than 25 years of experience as a creative in the advertising and design industry, with a focus on FMCG and food brands.

I have a special passion for packaging which was ignited at Blackburn’s Design Consultancy in London years ago. Since then, I have developed corporate identity, packaging design and concept development projects for Scandinavian companies like Arla, Coop, Tulip, Danish Crown and Interflora.

Outside of the studio, food and spearfishing are my passions and I love nothing more than cooking the catch with friends and family.

David Ramskov

Managing Director

Drawing on more than ten years of international experience in the creative industry, I focus on developing our client relationships, fostering an empowering culture and steering the Pearlfisher Copenhagen studio in the right direction. I take pride in bridging business, creative and technological objectives into meaningful and well crafted solutions.

As a former Danish national basketball team member, captain and coach I’ve learnt to keep a cool head, look for the silver lining and foster the unique talent each member brings to the team.

Jesper von Wieding

Strategic Creative Director

Drawing on a long international career from studios in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Paris and San Francisco, I’m always pushing myself and our team to exceed our clients’ expectations with stringent and aesthetic solutions.

I’m proud to have helped a number of iconic brands transition strategic initiatives into successfully crafted creative solutions including Carlsberg, LEGO, Nestlé, Novo Nordisk, Unilever & Velux – whilst securing several international awards along the way.

Serving as board-member of Design denmark and Jury Chair of the Danish Design Awards and Creative Circle Awards, I always seek to keep myself inspired and surrounded by new thinking.

Having co-founded the I’mperfect movement - which encourages appreciation of imperfection of the things we use, the people around us as well as ourselves - I am very passionate about social innovation and improving the use of our limited resources.

Jonathan Ford

Founding Creative Partner & CEO

When I founded Pearlfisher over 20 years ago my vision was as clear then as it is now: to continually further creative standards through provocative thinking and by boldly challenging the status quo.

Always pushing myself and others to stretch further, I’m proud to say we’ve built some of world’s best-known and loved brands including Cadbury Dairy Milk, Green & Black’s, Waitrose, Target, Wolfgang Puck, Jamie Oliver, Help Remedies, and Jim Beam – while gaining us countless Design Effectiveness Awards and a much coveted Gold Cannes Lion along the way.

Frequently representing Pearlfisher on the world stage, I also keep myself inspired and surrounded by new thinking, hosting the Challengers & Icons interview series to gain insights from the people driving the brands of the future.

My sustainable interests see me chair the Haller Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation providing a model for ecological community development in Africa, and when totally offline am graduating towards garden design.

Mike Branson

Founding Partner & CEO

As a Founding Partner and CEO of Pearlfisher, I’m the business leader. I focus on growth - furthering our client relationships, fostering an empowered culture and nurturing our talent.

I like to listen with open ears. Level-headed and considered, I often act as the voice of reason. I am an optimist and a pragmatist, guided by principles but driven by solutions.

Through Iyengar yoga I seek transformation. As a Trustee of Amantani, a Peruvian non-profit, I find inspiration. And as a fan of rugby and cricket I stay connected to my English sense of fair play!

Karen Welman

Founding Creative Partner & CCO

I’ve always been the curious creative explorer, pushing us beyond what we can see by continually questioning what is possible. Count on me for the unique, unexpected (and often frank!) viewpoint.

I love working with brave thinkers; those prepared to take a risk are often the ones who create real change. Our Green & Blacks design was a defining moment for me and I’m equally proud of our work for Absolut Vodka.

Innovation and turning great ideas into action has been a lifelong passion of mine. My patented inventions include 37º, a range of temperature-regulating baby clothes featuring NASA-developed fabrics which picked up awards all over the world. I was also named in the Top 10 Global Female Inventors a few years ago.

I’m always working on something new and in recent years co-founded private member’s gym The Library: it’s this diversity and the prospect of venturing head-first into the unknown that keeps me burning as brightly as when I started out over 30 years ago.

Nic Robson

Client Development Director

Drawing on a wealth of experience in design management, I’m here to ensure that our client relationships continue to flourish, to keep us hungry to win new business and to help steer us in the right direction as an agency.

Having worked across countless global branding projects, I’ve learned to keep a cool head and sense of perspective about everything. I galvanise the team, encouraging them to work hard and partner with our clients from the very outset. This means I have total confidence in our ability to deliver outstanding levels of visionary, strategic and creative work: day in, day out.

Those who know me best would probably describe my defining features as a bone-dry sense of humour and an unhealthy love of eating and drinking – after all life’s far too short to live without a vice right?

Hamish Campbell

Creative Director

Prior to moving to NYC I spent time with some of London’s leading design consultancies, getting recognised for work I did with Johnnie Walker, Bacardi, Ferraro and Nike.

It’s my objective to lead and inspire the design studio by setting the creative standard – continually encouraging our designers to demonstrate high-level conceptual thinking and strong design craftsmanship.

I do my best to consistently bring an excitedly diverse international experience across branding, packaging, retail and print design to the company culture.

I have a considerable fondness for typography and a passion for English football and rugby. I’m also a huge sneakerhead, with an embarrassing number of Nike kicks, many of which are still in storage in London.

Sophie Maxwell

Futures Director

With a degree in Fashion Marketing from Central St. Martins, I combine a fashion industry background with nearly 20 years working in the branding industry to inform and inspire brands about the power of change and what it can mean for them.

Future thinking means we futurists are ‘always on’ – and no form of media goes unturned without thinking about how it can inspire the bigger picture. Working across both the London and New York offices, I lead the team to bring together a picture of macro global insights, keeping our clients ahead of the curve and ready to lead the changes in their categories rather than follow them.

To truly understand change you have to be on its wavelength so for me, travel has become a way of life. As Picasso said 'inspiration exists, but it has to find you working’ so wherever I am and wherever we are working, from Europe to the Americas, Jakarta to Beirut, I’m continually looking to paint our picture of the way the world will change.

Aaron Koskela

Senior Digital Artworker

In my 15 years working in the industry I’ve done digital artwork, retouching and production for clients like Mercedes Benz, Abercrombie & Fitch, Nike, Avon and Rolex.

I was raised in a military family so I’d like to think that one of the things I got from that experience was an unwavering eye for detail and at Pearlfisher, I apply it to help close the gap between design and reality.

I started off my career at a sign shop and to this day I have an enormous respect for hand skill and craft. I’m always looking for ways to incorporate this passion into what we do here.

Jenny Cairns

Senior Technical Project Manager

As a Senior Technical Project Manager, my job involves working with our clients, designers and technical production partners to make our designs exist in real life and not just on paper.

I studied graphic design at Camberwell College of Art but I was always most fascinated by print-making processes and the meticulous detail required to create the perfect print. It’s this attention to detail that I bring to my role at Pearlfisher and I love nothing more than pushing the boundaries for our clients and our own design teams to ensure we’re producing the most creative solutions.

I’m a keen cook and love to get experimental in the kitchen. However, it’s typography that’s my biggest passion and I try and use my letterpress at home whenever I can.

Mike Beauchamp

Associate Creative Director: 3D & Experiential

My role at Pearlfisher means I’m responsible for driving the Design Studio’s offering of product, industrial and experiential 3D digital design. Day-to-day sees me creating, developing and refining 3D products for clients that will enhance how their consumers perceive and interact with the various brand touch-points across the consumer journey.

I have a First Class Honours degree in Automotive Design and was lucky enough to work for a short time as part of the global industrial team for Land Rover. This has definitely given me a different outlook, which I try to bring with me every day into Pearlfisher.

My free time is mostly spent dedicated to my fascination with industrial engineering, usually accompanied by the motto ‘the bigger the better’!

Brandi Parker

Head of Realization

I’ve been solving brand challenges and bringing concepts to life using technical realization for over 15 years. With a thorough understanding of printing across a range of print types and presses, and knowledge of a range of materials, substrates and finishes, I advise our designers and our clients and guide the way to producible ideas. My passion for our industry extends to nurturing new talent and I am incredibly proud to be sharing the importance of Realization as an adjunct professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

I offer innovation grounded in practicality. I challenge our designers, our clients and my students to think about the end game at the start, and our partners not to solve problems based on ease, but aesthetic impact. I bring the noise, the charisma and I’m funny as hell.

My second passion is music and I've been playing the guitar for over 25 years. I also write, perform and produce my own music across a range of outlets.

Matt Sia

Associate Creative Director

With over a decade of design experience, I’ve done a broad range of work from brand identity, packaging and fashion to crafting type and illustration.

I employ a hands-on approach and careful attention to detail in guiding the design team on an array of projects. Historically I’ve been particularly adept at designing spirits and they’ve become kind of a specialty of mine.

I love ideating and sketching. Bouncing ideas off other designers, strategists and business managers is always fun. What we do is iterative and it's always nice to get fresh perspective.

My desk is a fortress of liquor bottles, trashy candy and snacks. Outside of all that, I like to build and sculpt as well as write and perform music.

Jon Vallance

Creative Director

I am responsible for heading up projects, collaborating with our own diverse and talented group designers - as well as artists and creatives from across the world - to answer challenging briefs in new and interesting ways. For example, a particular career highlight was traveling to Cuba to work in a traditional screen print workshop in Havana.

I’m always searching for compelling creative ideas and ways to help clients that go beyond the confines of the brief in hand. Highlights to date have been adding several DBA awards to my name and helping to raise £1,000,000 through the power of design for Help For Heroes.

I take inspiration from everything around me and encourage others to do the same. From skateboarding to travel, printmaking to Kurt Vonnegut novels: my free time is fodder for my next creative project.

Jack Hart

Strategic Business Director

I lead a team that uses ideas to stimulate debate and provoke unexpected answers in defining future directions for our clients. For me, strategy is about framing a brand’s truth within its cultural context – something I’ve been lucky to experience first hand from working in such a variety of foreign markets.

I believe that the best ideas come from making new connections, challenging your own mindset and allowing yourself to see the world from a new perspective. I think being 6’8ft has probably encouraged me to embrace difference in this way, always challenging convention and championing diversity across the board.

I approach most things with a healthy dose of humour and always try to inject imaginative thought into studio life. Though even I couldn’t have imagined that persuading the team to turn the gallery into a giant ball pit for adults would go viral globally!

Chloë Wood

Head of Marketing & Communications

I am responsible for developing the Pearlfisher brand, ensuring the world knows about our four Studios, our unique approach to design and our world class thought leadership.

With a leading agency background, I am an advocate of design’s impact and its emotional, aesthetic and commercial power. For that reason, I’m passionate about sharing Pearlfisher’s stories and exceptional creative work with our key audiences across our channels including media communications, events and social media.

I’m curious by nature and when I’m not planning my next foreign adventure, I like to get creative in the kitchen or discover new restaurants.

Jamie Chalmers

Head of Business Development

With a background rooted in design and 10 years experience in business development, I bring a mix of creativity and business acumen to Pearlfisher.

My role is both strategic and consultative: aside from driving the direction of our client growth, I ensure clients fully understand the value of Pearlfisher’s strategic and creative capabilities across our 3 core areas of expertise, and match their challenges with our offerings by positioning them in the context of broader brand and commercial objectives.

The building of relationships that foster mutual respect and longevity is at the core of everything I do. I’m a natural listener, and build rapport with brand owners by understanding their challenges.

Yael Alaton

Chief Strategy Officer

I believe in pure original thinking and the seamless connection between strategy and creativity.

In addition to leading the London Strategy team - a group of diversely talented thinkers - I am responsible for the strategic development of the Pearlfisher brand and championing our global strategy offer. Around the world, we bring our Challenger & Iconic expertise to our clients' businesses to unlock every brand’s true potential with absolute clarity, focus and imagination.

I have been fortunate to have worked all around the world building my experience firstly in communication at Grey New York and Leo Burnett Chicago and Istanbul, and for the last 12 years in design at Pearlfisher. Combining a communication and design background means that I always take the big picture view and nurture high-level thinking that takes brands into the future.

My cultural influences include The Middle East, Europe and America. My big passions are art, languages and cinema - fantastic sources of inspiration for rich cultural meaning and beautiful storytelling.

Margot Coleou

Senior Client Manager

I’m a Parisian who fell in love with London and bring trilingual skills, a degree in Global Communications and two Masters in Branding to Pearlfisher.

I’m known for my straight-talking approach but I’m efficient and dedicated to achieving perfection for my clients. My experience from leading creative agencies spans the entire communications sphere from journalism to digital design, meaning I bring a comprehensive understanding of entire brand worlds to projects.

Out of the office, I exercise my creative urges constantly, whether cooking, painting, going to the ballet or taking photos on my travels.

Becs Baker

Head of Talent

Having survived a Physics degree and an early career in recruitment, I spent nine years in client services with a wine specialist creative agency before joining Pearlfisher as a Client Director. My must-do attitude, understanding of complex briefs and a natural understanding of commercial constraints meant that I was able to oversee some of our most demanding clients, constantly pushing boundaries and questioning expectations to ensure the utmost effectiveness in design and branding.

Four years on, and I am now Pearlfisher's Head of Talent, dedicated to creating a best in class culture and industry-defining, award-winning work that is driven and inspired by identifying, recruiting, retaining and developing the best talent for Pearlfisher at all levels and within all disciplines.

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