Brand ideas defined by powerful strategy and strong futures insights inform everything we do in design. These big ideas enable us to create living brand expressions and build multi-sensorial brand experiences that improve the way we live. We do this across multiple sectors and brand touchpoints through visual identity, packaging, digital, structural, CGI & motion design. We respect, optimise and strengthen existing brand assets and create disruptive new assets for challenger and iconic brands alike to future proof them for an omnichannel world. Always with the drive to create work that is bold, lucid and unexpected.

Visual Identity

All our brand expressions start with a powerful identity that cuts through and makes a mark to unlock the future. We create visual identities that express big ideas, build unique brand assets and create high impact to build timeless brand value.

Packaging Design

As a fundamental aspect of brand experience, packaging design, for us, is all about creating brand desire. Utilising multidimensional design thinking, we bring alive big brand ideas and create all aspects of packaging; from the physical shape and graphic expression to the sensorial experience and sustainable journey.

Digital Design

We create consistent and integrated digital identity systems, experiences and interfaces for brands. Through UX, interaction design and emergent technologies, we build a seamless connection across all digital platforms to grow brand equity.

Structural Design

Our structural design solutions create unique brand experiences through distinctive form and function. Giving substance and presence to brand ideas, we create structures that stand out and break-through, building brand assets while inviting people into the brand experience.

CGI & Motions

We build powerful and engaging virtual worlds for brands through photo-realistic CGI, particle simulations and 2D & 3D motion graphics. Working from a brand’s core idea we create a broad and dynamic array of virtual brand assets that facilitate efficient, customised creative campaigns for different channels, markets and audiences.

Sustainable Design

In-depth knowledge of changing culture allows us to define how people will live in the future and the power of strategic brand design enables us to change human behaviour to encourage more sustainable actions. This, combined with being at the cutting edge of material science and production innovation, means we can create the most sustainable solutions for every brand.