Food Waste Repackaged is the latest initiative organized by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. The Learning Series will include webinars throughout May and June. 

About Brandi’s webinar

In the age of modern food retail, which appeared in the early 20th century and has chiefly remained unchanged since— we’ve seen waves of innovation that have contributed to solving discrete, disconnected problems that are remarkable in their own right but simultaneously have gotten us where we are today— a situation in which broadly-unsustainable-packaging does an inconsistent job of preserving our food and conserving our environment.

Can we design a material that does it all? A material that can disappear or be recycled or reused once used, that protects, preserves and enhances shelf life of the products it contains?

Or, do we need to look beyond just materials

And, is plastic our only enemy?

In this talk, Brandi will share some findings she’s come across whilst working in the CPG and branding industries; innovations in material science and in the industry of food production that contribute to our food’s shelf life and longevity in our homes. We’ll touch on the history of our groceries and stores; how that connects to who we are as humans and how we have crafted our society. And, ultimately how we will increase foods’ lifespan as well as our own.

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