Pearlfisher’s David Jenkinson, Partner, Design & Experience, will be a speaker at The Future of Branding Week – and will be giving his talk to 30 senior professionals from around the world at Pearlfisher’s office in Notting Hill. The Future of Branding Week, hosted by the events and courses organisation, The London Academy aims to bring together the brightest and most forward-thinking CMOs, brand strategists, creative directors and heads of marketing who want to be ahead of the competition, explore the new frameworks that world-class agencies use right now and find new ways to reach their audience.

Unpicking the question, “Do we design to change brands – or life?” David will challenge why he thinks we can’t keep designing for brands. Brands are only successful if people want them and people only want – or desire – them if they form a relevant, inspirational part of their life. It’s about putting people first, brands second. As the world and culture constantly change and evolves – and we prioritise doing good, inclusivity or impactful sustainability – so do consumers’ expectations of brands. Meaning that designers have to design for life.

David believes that our role as designers is to unlearn. We need to go back to the core to rethink, reimagine and reinvent our idea of life – not brands. By putting our focus on different aspects of changing life, living and lifestyles, we can then design appropriately to create the packaged products, experiences and services that people will need or desire in the future.

Date: Thursday, 30 June
Time: 4:00 – 6:00pm
Tickets and more information, here.

David Jenkinson has an impressive career history, previously holding Creative Director positions at both Elmwood and Interbrand prior to joining Pearlfisher in 2018. David is passionate about creating brands with a clear and compelling central idea and has created award-winning work for leading brands including Barclays, Selfridges, Vodafone and Williams F1.