Founding Partner & Group Creative Director, Jonathan Ford, has been invited to host a virtual talk and workshop at the -ing Creative Festival – one of the biggest, independently run creative festivals in Dubai.

Jonathan’s focus for his talk and workshop is rooted in transforming mundane brands to make them desirable. To guide his audience through how to approach this, Jonathan will discuss the different design principles that drive the creative process and shift aesthetics away from the uninspiring and functional, to create newly desirable brands, products and experiences that we feel proud to have in our lives.

The event, which is being held virtually this year and in early 2021 features talks, workshops and networking sessions, with the hopes of giving young creatives the chance to interact and learn from well-known names in the design and creative industry. The experts and industry leaders taking part in the latest edition of the festival include the letterpress and typographic designer, Alan Kitching, the industrial designer and textile innovator, Akanksha Deo Sharma, the award-winning multidisciplinary designer, Eisuke Tachikawa and many more.

Information about Jonathan’s talk & workshop:

Talk: Design transformation of the mundane into must-have brands.
Wed, 13th Jan 2021 | 6pm (Dubai) & 2pm (GMT)
Find out more here.

Workshop: Turning an everyday brand into a must-have.
Mon, 18th Jan 2021 | 6pm-9pm (Dubai) & 2pm-5pm (GMT)
Find out more here.

A percentage of ticket sales for Jonathan’s talk and workshop will go to the charity, The Haller Foundation. Find out more about Haller here.