June is a momentous month for cultural recognition and celebrating identity through events like Juneteenth and Pride. Along with becoming a federal holiday, this year marked the start of a Pearlfisher tradition. The holiday’s name comes from the combination of “June” and “nineteenth”, commemorating African American emancipation.

As a brand design agency, our work endures because we center and prioritize people. Their needs and desires influence us to design for the lives we want to live. This focus on accurate and resonant representation is increasingly important to us as racial injustice and anti-LGBTQ+ legislation persist in our country.

On Friday, June 18th, we partnered with several leaders and artists to champion Black history and culture for a day of programming, including:

Juneteenth: Where Do We Go From Here?
Presented by Dr. Ronald Milon, Chief Diversity Officer at FIT and Leadership Fellow at SUNY SAIL
“Everyone needs to speak up,” said Dr. Milon. “Not speaking means you’re holding back power.”

Let’s Celebrate Life ’cause COVID Tried It!
Presented by D. Ruff, spoken word poet and Creative Director of Boston Pulse Poetry
“If your ‘why’ doesn’t make you cry, then you need a new one,” said D. Ruff.

We’re excited to dedicate space to Juneteenth now and for years to come.