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Life-Centric Brands

Our new Life-Centric Brands report examines how the lives we previously aspired to may not be attainable, or even aspirational, in the future. As we navigate an ever-changing world, brands have an opportunity to refocus their value propositions and help us design for dynamic new realities. Consumers today are experiencing a storm of global crises – from war to the cost of living and the climate emergency. This ripple effect means that many brands are under the microscope in terms of relevance and truly fulfilling people's lives in a positive and meaningful way.

This report explores 5 themes of innovation, sharing the voices of industry change-makers, case studies and statistics combined to help you understand and plan for business success in the years ahead. Download the full report and get in touch to find out more.

Five key themes of Change

1. Exposome Design

Products tackling pollution and extreme weather.

2. Nature Status

Fostering new ways of working with nature.

3. Brand Citizenship

Subcultures becoming the new demographics.

4. Vital Expressions

Designing for energy and longevity.

5. Liberated Pursuits

Providing an escape from the everyday.

What is the opportunity in this space?

Ultimately, we expect brands to change their aspirations and ethics in line with our own – not striving to be a lifestyle brand but to become brands that inspire and create our new ways of life.

This is just a taste of what the full Futures feed – Life-Centric Brands – has to offer. If you would like to access the full report or find out more, please get in touch below:

Sustainable Makeup Brand: Youthforia

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