Futures insight gives us clarity into the ways in which the world is evolving, and how we can use this knowledge to create leading-edge change across all sectors. 

By understanding and interpreting key cultural, category and consumer shifts we help brands to understand how their futures will be impacted,  and how to harness these opportunities to define their future success. 

Our insight identifies opportunities from white space in existing categories to the creation of entirely new sectors. Predicting and driving the key cultural shifts that have driven global change in food and beverage, personal care, luxury and lifestyle branding to create meaningful future-focused innovation. 

Futures insight focuses on the seven different modes of ‘designing for life’, and comes to life in a variety of mediums, including cultural perspectives, category analysis, consumer profiling, inspirational presentations and innovation workshops.

Cultural perspectives

Informing and contextualising briefs with insight into the central modes of living, including taste, body, luxury, mobility, community and nature.

Category analysis

Understanding how categories are evolving, mapping trajectories of change, codes of communication and areas of opportunity.

Consumer profiling

Creating a multi-layered portrait of consumers and their lifestyles, ensuring we understand, connect and resonate with your target audience.

Change management

Working in partnership with Strategy and Design to explore, define and activate innovation through platform creation and creative concepts.

Futures work