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Season 4. Episode 10. Wander Beauty – How a less is more philosophy and social co-creation is key to good beauty branding.

"We take [the] process of social co-creation and that helps evolve our brand and that's how we change. And that's how our mission changes because it's so influenced by our client and by her experience...We have women we call Wander Beauties that are engaged in the product development process from the very early onset of every formula to every bit of packaging that we create.”

Dyiva Gugnani, Co-Founder of Wander Beauty – the first travel-inspired, luxury color cosmetics experience made of high performance and cruelty free formula– invited us to the beauty companies headquarters in Manhattan to discuss her approach to creating a successful beauty brand and what makes Wander Beauty unique compared to other cosmetics on the market.

Listen to the audio version of the interview here.

Divya’s advice on branding innovation:

  • Customer social co-creation is a powerful tool to help with brand evolution and satisfaction rate.
  • Brands should have iconic color stories which consumers can easily identity with.
  • High product performance is essential to being successful.
  • Product authenticity comes from pull marketing not push which you can't manufacture and you can't buy.
  • Scale down first and invest in what really works before scaling up.
  • Don’t ignore the socially conscious client – thinking about beauty sustainability should be part of the branding narrative.

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