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Season 4. Episode 8. How Dropbox broke out of its corner in tech to foster a more energetic, multi-dimensional role with consumers

"Dropbox started over ten years ago, but what we saw over time was that people got the most value not from the passive storage of files, but the active collaboration around the files. Every principle of the rebrand was meant to not only build on consumer trust in Dropbox, but to match an emotional connection that is integral when it comes to our responsibility to manage someone's creative projects or work."

Collin Whitehead, Head of Brand at Dropbox – the cloud software offering file hosting, sharing and syncing – invited us to the technology company’s headquarters in San Francisco to discuss his approach to leading a creative team responsible for the visual evolution of the rapidly growing challenger brand, which has charted its own map toward innovation.

Listen to the audio version of the interview here.

*The first-ever Dropbox office was located in North Beach, not Chinatown, as mentioned in the interview.

Collin's method for stewarding empathy and an understanding for the design team's role in helping to achieve business goals:

  • "As we've had so many marquee moments for the brand, the rebrand campaign, the IPO, etcetera, we've had a lot of moments to work really cross-functionally in efforts that go on to touch the entire organization. Some of the most interesting meetings I've been a part of at Dropbox involve an illustration or graphic design team meeting with finance to understand our business model, how we engage with users, build their trust and so on. In doing so, we've built empathy for our own creative process."

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