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Series 1. Episode 1. Help Remedies – creating a new look in a conventional category

I think that was really where we started, was with quite an aesthetic point of view. I think that the interesting thing, and the reason why I think we have sort of grown, is because, the aesthetic issues, that we were cottoning on to, reflect deeper problems.” Richard Fine, Help Remedies

US brand Help Remedies took the pharma world by storm, breaking into the sector, turning it on its head and challenging the status quo through design with a new product that maintains function and convenience but is aesthetically pleasing and emotionally connected. The man behind the brand is CEO, Richard Fine.

Richard’s 3 rules on challenging convention through creativity

  • Don’t be afraid to think differently. Use design to communicate your message and promote a new way of looking and behaving.
  • Look for different sources of inspirations to create new and compelling change for your product or category.
  • Break out of the faster, louder more scenario. Be counter-intuitive and don’t be afraid to provide clear and simple visual and written solutions.

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