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Series 1. Episode 2. Froosh – being part of the conversation

I think what our graphic brand identity has done is get consumers to find out a little bit more about us as a business, more about us as a brand. Most of this is happening without us even seeing it, because it’s happening as people are talking to each other on Facebook and other social media sites. That’s the benefit for us. That’s what’s driving the brand forward. That’s what’s getting the brand more closely connected with the consumers that we need to talk to.” Brendan Harris, Froosh

Brendan Harris is the Chairman and CEO of Froosh, the Number 1 smoothie brand in the Nordic region that’s creating a big impact in the food and drink sector with its bold creativity.

Brendan’s top 3 ways for brands to connect with consumers

  • Understand the market that you’re in as thoroughly as you can. That’s your one long-term protection that what you’re doing is the right thing to do and that consumers will respond properly to it.
  • Talk to consumers in the street. Talk to them on the underground or the subway or whatever it is. Find out as much as you can. I spent a lot of time talking to consumers before we sat down and wrote this brief. It was an eye opener.
  • About half of all the fruits inside a bottle of Froosh come from developing countries. We’ve chosen to bring that to life by sending small groups of young consumers to go and work, for one week, on a fruit farm somewhere in the world. They tell their story as journalists on Facebook and Twitter. Through video blogs to their hundreds and hundreds of friends of the benefits of, we call it the power of fruit. The power of fruit to change people’s lives in the developing world.

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