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Series 1. Episode 3. Green & Black’s – retelling the story of chocolate

Look yourself in the mirror and be sure that the product you’re selling is as good as it can be. Also that you understand if you were down the pub with your friends and they asked you to introduce it to them, that you’ve got the story right for the brand.” Mark Palmer, Green & Black’s

When Mark Palmer took on the role of Marketing Director of Green & Black’s in 2001, it was a niche UK chocolate brand. Under his leadership, the brand’s sales rose from £4m to over £60m and, ultimately, to international expansion and a full acquisition by Cadbury for an undisclosed sum.

Mark’s 4 P’s for maximizing brand story and success

  • Product proposition – is your proposition as good as it can be? Don’t spend anything on marketing until it is.
  • Protect & promote – are you protecting your brand DNA & promoting its authenticity?
  • People – you need to foster a team with the determination, passion and skill to tell the story.
  • Presentation – the design needs to immediately create desire and communicate what consumers are buying into at a glance.

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