Challengers & Icons Interview

Series 1. Episode 5. Twitter – future change will be driven by the digital change-makers

I believe that the more we have technology engrained in our brains, the more likely we are to be able to come up with innovative world changing solutions that include technology." Claire Diaz-Ortiz, Twitter

Claire Diaz-Ortiz is Leader of Social Innovation at Twitter.  She’s also the author of Twitter For Good. Claire champions the ways in which Twitter can empower large-scale organisations and social entrepreneurs making positive change to our world.

Claire’s top 3 ways to innovate through the power of technology

  • Start with digital strategies and not just include technology as part of the larger mission.
  • Social media allows you to connect with anyone, build your movement and amplify your mission.
  • The more access we extend, the more powerful life-changing stories we’ll see from affected populations and be able to be a part of.

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