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Series 1. Episode 6. How eightpointnine is embracing personalisation and taking on industry giants

I’ve heard it from other people, that when they look at small businesses, or in your words a challenger brand, it comes from the heart. So you have to put a bit of yourself and your personality into it, that’s the kind of thing I think that makes the difference.” Kris Hewitt, eightpointnine

Established in October 2011, EightPointNine is a UK based artisanal coffee company. It sells directly to consumers online who are looking for a tailored and fresh blend of Fair-Trade coffee. Here, Founder Kris Hewitt discussd the fears, challenges, and lessons of coming up against the big name corporate brands.

Kris’s tips for persisting as a small business taking on industry giants

  • Get personal. Learn what your customers are truly seeking and tailor your business to them.
  • Accept your mistakes, reflect, and learn from them.
  • Infuse yourself into the brand.

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