Challengers & Icons Interview

Series 2. Episode 10. How Coca Cola is still leading the way

As brands, we need to be a part of peoples’ lifestyles. While consumers may want to connect with our brand, it has to be on their terms.” Alex Center, Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola Company is the undisputed global leader in the beverage industry. As their Lead Designer, heading up design vision and strategy for global brands, Alex Center talks about using creativity to build iconic brands like vitaminwater, smartwater and Powerade.

Alex Center’s Top 3 tips on evolving from Challenger to Icon

  • Hone and understand who you are and then hold onto that as you expand.
  • As a challenger, aspire to be an icon and as an icon, aspire to be a challenger.
  • If you’re a challenger brand, don’t be afraid to fail in trying to find new ways to express who you are. If you’re an iconic brand, you need to harness your challenger brand DNA whilst taking smarter risks to ensure you’re still innovating.

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