Challengers & Icons Interview

Series 2. Episode 4. Making coffee the hard way

I think it helps to be really unhappy in what you're doing and that sort of desperation spawns the courage it takes to try something completely different.” James Freeman, Blue Bottle Coffee

The Founder of Blue Bottle Coffee, James Freeman’s dedication and passion for the craft of coffee brewing has established Blue Bottle not only as a champion of the coffee world, but also an icon for artisan businesses striving to make change in a competitive marketplace. He speaks on creativity in captivity and striving for perfection.

3 quirky tips from James Freeman on hitting your stride

  • Don’t strive for what your consumers want - try to strive for what they don’t even realize they want.
  • Perfection isn’t possible in business. Instead, constantly strive for better.
  • Focus on your product. If that’s good, then good things will follow.

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