Challengers & Icons Interview

Series 2. Episode 5. How Industry City Distillery is disrupting the vodka category

People aren't here for the paycheck. They're here because they want to see cool shit happen.” Dave Kyrejko, Industry City Distillery

Dave Kyrejko’s inspiration to start a vodka distillery was actually a by-product of a happy accident: by using a scientific method of fermentation instead of the more traditional approach, Dave inadvertently found a more efficient way to make a spirit that was far superior to the competition’s. Here, Dave discusses creativity as the mother of invention.

Dave Kyrejko’s thoughts on upsetting the big boys

  • When you’re starting out small, embracing fear and embodying change is the only way to disrupt.
  • Once you’ve embraced fear, think big.
  • Your end game cannot be the industry standard; to pierce a saturated market your product - your ideas - have to be leagues above and beyond the competition.

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