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Series 2. Episode 6. Skimlinks – lessons from a successful start-up

I love the idea that I can have a problem and I can think of where I want to go and somewhere in between is the answer. I’m a passionate believer in looking at a problem and being really inventive with the solution. Approach it with the belief that there is an answer rather than that there isn’t one.” Alicia Navarro, Skimlinks

Alicia Navarro is the founder and CEO of Skimlinks, the leading content monetisation solution for online publishers, operating out of London and San Francisco. Alicia’s ability to make tough, intuitive decisions to guide her company to success makes her a well-regarded entrepreneur in the tech start-up community.

Alicia’s top 3 rules for starting out and starting-up

  • Talk to customers. Get them to love you and be passionate about you as a brand and a company. People rather than monetary support can be vital at the start.
  • Sell yourself, not just your product – you will get the payback further down the track winning customers from the initial relationships made.
  • Hire people that are fantastic ambassadors for the brand, besides being good at their job.

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