Challengers & Icons Interview

Series 2. Episode 7. Rapha – the intersection of creativity, culture and commerce

If you honour the sport and make sure that the quality of the creative output and of course your products are on a parallel, then that serves our business edge.” James Fairbank, Rapha

As Rapha’s Head of Brand and Central Marketing and a passionate and committed road cyclist, James Fairbank is highly regarded as a cult brand marketer who has attained success through his emphasis on playing up to a lifestyle to garner recognition for his brand.

James’ rules for putting creativity at the heart of business

  • Establish firm branding & creative guard rails from the start – this allows no room for deviation but allows you to move creatively within a framework.
  • Make sure you consistently produce quality products to maintain loyalty and desirability & to help with increasing ubiquity.
  • Competition & expansion is challenging - be cohesive, resilient, creative, legitimate.

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