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Series 4. Episode 5. – How Seedlip created a category from a void in the drinks market

"It was about how do we bring this new proposition to life in a really positive way where it doesn't feel like a compromise. From the liquid to the brand, it's been about quality and credibility and something that feels good in the hand and looks good on shelf."

Ben Branson, Founder of Seedlip – the world’s first non-alcoholic spirit brand – talks us through his vision for creating a new drinks proposition and experience as well as why he thinks being a successful challenger brand is about fostering curiosity, freedom and a belief in what you are doing.

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Ben's approach to challenging by thinking big and being bold:

  • "It's not about saying we're going to challenge this. It's just having that sense of freedom of doing something new that's never been done. It's about saying, why can't we try it this way?"

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