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Series 4. Episode 6. – How N°1 Kombucha is challenging its category with a fresh perspective to healthy living

“N°1 Kombucha is all about celebrating life and focusing on putting our own wellbeing first, because being healthy and happy both physically and mentally comes from connecting life with what makes us who we are - and ultimately, keeping a more harmonious balance between mind and body."

Former international rugby star, Jonny Wilkinson, talks us through how he is pursuing a personal passion to connect our physical and mental health – through the power of living food – with the creation of his new lifestyle brand, N°1 Kombucha. N°1 is looking to transform our perspective on healthy living, convenience and ultimately, make the benefits of drinking Kombucha accessible for all.

Jonny’s approach to wellbeing and embracing a living diet:

  • “Always put your health and wellbeing first. When we are in good gut health, we feel connected to our core, and therefore feel truly alive.”

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