Brand Strategy Summit: Don’t Screw It Up

Start-ups and challenger brands have upended nearly every category across the globe—no wonder they’re such attractive little gems for acquisition. But when larger companies buy smaller brands, success is not guaranteed. On the contrary, the very nature of larger corporate culture is at odds with what makes smaller brands special. In a similar vein, at the opposite end of the spectrum, successful challenger brands can become victims of their own success; as small brands become big, they risk losing their soul.

In this talk, Karen Schnelwar, Head of Strategy for Pearlfisher New York, will investigate and glean learnings from best and worst practices at both ends of the spectrum: large companies acquiring small brands, and small brands becoming big. It’s a brand-driven primer on what to do, what not to do, and how to not screw up a good thing.

15th & 16th September 2016
Los Angeles

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