Cosmopack: The Power of Personalisation: how it’s creating the future of optimised beauty

Beauty is a super-power for our self-expression and consumers have never had such a vast availability of knowledge, experience and product to suit their needs and preferences. As such, the future of the beauty category will be driven by a much deeper knowledge and understanding of its consumers. By accessing in-depth information, on not just their choices but their individual biological profiles, the brands of the future will build on our strengths, target our weaknesses and create products that will truly have the ability to optimise us.

Sophie Maxwell, Pearlfisher Futures Director, will discuss the future of optimisation, how brands are beginning to unlock the power of personalisation on a mass level and what is means for the future of beauty.

Read Sophie’s perspective on Personalisation in her most recent article for PSFK.

16th-17th September
Hilton Midtown Hotel, New York City

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