Cosmoprof North America

At this year’s Cosmoprof Conference, Futures Director Sophie Maxwell will join not one, but two sessions.

In the first, Sophie will shed light on the cultural and consumer shifts influencing the beauty category as part of a panel, Whimsical Packaging in an Omnichannel World: Connecting with Millennial Consumers. Sophie will be speaking alongside Ian Ginsberg, President of Bigelow Apothecaries, and Nathalie Mackey, Founder of Winky Lux. Moderated by the editor of Beauty Packaging, Jamie Matusow, the panel will discuss crucial insights and best-in-class examples of how creative packaging can become a key product differentiator, and connect with millennials on online channels.

In the second session, she will be hosting a live Challengers & Icons interview with Dr Robb Akridge, the co-founder of Clarisonic. In the interview, Sophie and Dr Robb will explore what drives the Clarisonic innovation process, what role creativity plays in the brand’s success and what new beauty brands can learn from the Clarisonic journey.

Taking place over three days and attended by 33,000 exhibitors from over 38 countries, Cosmoprof is the single most important networking opportunity in the United States for all sectors of the global beauty industry. The trade show introduces revolutionary technologies, forward-thinking programs, product innovations and new channels for distribution, packaging and manufacturing.

Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas
Mandalay Bay Convention Centre
9th – 11th July 2017

Session 1: Whimsical Packaging in an Omnichannel World: Connecting with Millennial Consumers
10th July 2017
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Session 2: Challengers & Icons interview with Dr Robb Akridge
10th July 2017

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