Design Thinkers

As humans living in an age of experience, we want it all but are crippled by choice. We seek safety in continuity but crave the novelty of the unknown; we demand transparency but expect to be surprised. In the same way that we try to reconcile conflicting needs in one life partner, we’re unreasonably exacting of brands.

At this year’s Design Thinkers Conference in Toronto, our Founding Partner and CEO, Jonathan Ford, will stake a provocative claim: just as social media and online dating have compromised mystery in love, the pressure to ‘be the consumers’ friend’ has eliminated the magic of reveal for brands.

Drawing striking parallels between the dynamics of human and brand relationships, Jonathan will discuss why today’s shifting landscape requires brands to change their focus from love to desire and how they can use design to create, update and reinvent desire and create success.

Design Thinkers
November 8, 2017
11:00 AM
Sony Centre Lower Lobby
Toronto, Canada

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