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March 2nd, 2017


Exploratorium, Pier 15, The Embarcadero & Green St., San Francisco, CA 94111



Taste Mode SF: How to Create the Food & Drink Brands of the Future

The food and drink industry is at a crucial tipping point. Resources are scarce, consumers are confused and brands are under pressure – not only to put consumers’ health at the top of the agenda but to constantly innovate almost every part of their offering, from manufacture to product contents to delivery. Our series of global Taste Mode events will demonstrate how brands can turn challenge into solution by understanding key insights and their critical importance in the creation of the food and drink brands of the future.”

Sophie Maxwell, Futures Director.

PEARLFISHER FUTURES presents the key changes affecting the food and drink sectors, and how brands can harness the opportunities they present to build the optimal food brands of the future.

Including: Essential cultural, category and consumer insights, expert viewpoints, best in class examples, strategic implications for businesses and branded innovation concepts that illustrate how to make change real.

Previous attendees include Coca-Cola, General Mills, AB Inbev, Unilever, Target, Blue Apron, sweetgreen, Maple and Intelligentsia Coffee.

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Noah Karesh

Co-Founder, Feastly

Noah Karesh is an entrepreneur, technologist, and restaurateur. He is the founder and CEO of Feastly, the next generation global dining platform. Feastly is an online marketplace empowering any chef to showcase and host dinners, pop-ups, supper clubs, and food experiences. Noah is an expert on building social capital through technology in the food space. From a social media driven taco stand in the Middle East, to a highly praised pop-up cafe in D.C. (Blind Dog Cafe), to his current startup, Feastly, Noah creates using dining to foster community around the world. Noah is a sought after thought leader on the interplay between food and technology as well as on the sharing economy. He has appeared on the largest media platforms including The NYTimes, CNN, WSJ, MSNBC, Wired, among others.

Doug Evans

Founder, Juicero

Doug Evans is the founder and chairman of Juicero, the first professional-quality, connected, countertop cold-press juicing system. Doug’s mission is to improve the quality of human, animal and environmental health on the planet. Juicero’s mission is to invent new ways to help people consume the fresh foods, manifesting true health.

James Beriker

President & CEO, Munchery

Munchery is a fully integrated food preparation and delivery business with a mission to make delicious, healthy, high-quality and cost-effective meals accessible to everyone, everywhere. Unlike other meal delivery services that focus only on logistics, Munchery develops daily menus, cooks the food and delivers ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook meals to its own customers. Meals are curated by local chefs, prepared in industrial kitchens by a team of professional cooks, and delivered by Munchery drivers and cyclists to their customers’ doors.

Claire Herminjard

Founder of Mindful Meats and the Co-Executive of Marin Sun Farms

Claire originally founded Mindful Meats as a concerned consumer looking for a wholesome beef, locally raised by farmers who take great care of their land and animals. Now, as Co-Executive of Marin Sun Farms, she manages both brands and is spearheading the creation of a more sustainable food system by empowering farmers, conserving landscapes and restoring the vitality of the foodshed and its inhabitants.



Registration and Experiential Breakfast. Opening the day with a healthy boost of leading edge amuse-bouche.


Introduction: A foundational overview: of the key shifts driving cultural change and motivating consumer choice, that will determine the evolution of food and drink over the next decade.




From Sensorial to Transformative: Experience is everything. As we increasingly enjoy immersing ourselves in those created by food and drink brands, how will they find new ways to push the boundaries and take us to unexpected heights of exploration, adventure and sensation?

Provocative thinking for brands – including spirits, retail and restaurants – who are looking to create the expansive, experimental and rarified tastes of the future, on how to:

  • Utilise new ingredients to satisfy our increasingly exploratory taste palettes
  • Appeal to the desire for global and local tastes and cuisines
  • Leverage the fetishism of food and its hyper-visualisation in the rise of social media


Expert viewpoint: Noah Karesh, Founder, Feastly


Break: Tea, coffee and natural sugar rushes.



From Processed to Connected: As we increasingly reject processing and look to rediscover the natural power of food, how can brands empower us to better connect with our food at its source and optimise the nourishment we gain from it to feed body, mind and soul?

Indispensable thinking for all brands, particularly FMCG giants, ready-meal producers and confectionary, looking to develop a more balanced and positive offering, on how to:

  • Identify the points of connection for consumers in their pursuit of healthier lifestyles
  • Navigate emergent science vs. the clean eating backlash
  • Lead the nutrition and the wellness agenda


Expert viewpoint: Doug Evans, Founder, Juicero


Break: Tea, coffee and natural sugar rushes.



From Fast to Flexible: How is the nature of eating occasions changing to (home) deliver a new world of quality, authenticity and variety in the face of a convenience driven society?

Latest thinking for all brands, specifically snacking and delivery platforms,looking to pioneer new eating occasions and evolve their offer to fit new lifestyle patterns, on how to:

  • Reappraise and reconfigure how, when and where we engage with food
  • Create convenient and positive meal solutions


Expert viewpoint: James Beriker, President & CEO, Munchery


Break: Tea, coffee and natural sugar rushes.



Resources to Reinvention: As populations grow, demand threatens to outweigh resource and alternative food sources become a reality, how can brands innovate to create new products that will actually be appetizing to consumers?

Vital thinking for all brands, especially meat and protein producers, considering the future of provenance, sustainability and routes to market, on how to:

  • Leverage alternative sources and regenerative approaches to farming
  • Exploit the major role of plant protein in our increasingly urban landscape
  • Ensure transparency and the preservation of food resources for future


Expert viewpoint: Claire Herminjard, Co-Executive of Marin Sun Farms & Mindful Meats


Key takeaways. A summary of the crucial insights brands must leverage to shape a meaningful future for themselves in a space defined by constant uncertainty, unexpected competition and rapid change.

1.30 – 2:30pm

Lunch and Networking. 

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