Food Matters Live: Connecting food and technology: understanding the future of packaging for brands

We have never been more aware of our food. It’s journey, form and function in our lives. Today, the drive toward better food practices to properly nourish ourselves and support sustainable production is top of everyones’ agendas – from governments to consumers. Simultaneously, we have never been more wedded to technology. Reliant on it for communication, information and management of nearly every facet of our modern lifestyles. But how will we use it to disrupt the current systems in place to transform how we produce, sell and consume our food?

Sophie Maxwell, Pearlfisher Futures Director, will discuss how a new generation of thinkers and producers will create a new networked food system that will bring together food and technology and what this will mean for packaging design in the future.

Tuesday 17th November, 12:00-12:30
Excel Centre, London (Room 24)

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