Food Matters Live: How to Create the Future Language of Health

Our world of food and drink is at a crucial tipping point. As consumer perceptions, purchasing patterns and producers’ priorities evolve in light of scientific advancement and new knowledge, everything to do with food and drink packaging – from size and structure to health claims and nutritional information – takes on amplified importance. If brands are to positively influence consumers’ food and drink choices, communicating health and nutrition effectively through packaging is more essential, and trickier to navigate, than ever.

As part of the ‘Persuasive Packaging’ seminar at Food Matters Live, Futures Director Sophie Maxwell will deliver a keynote address about the impact of design in influencing healthy food choices. Her talk, ‘What’s Coming Your Way: How to Create the Future Language of Health’, will present key shifts driving cultural change and consumer choices (as seen in Taste Mode 2016, the latest deep-dive insight report from Pearlfisher Futures), and ways in which brands can use branding and design to strategically leverage the opportunities inherent in these shifts.

Food Matters Live
ExCel London
22-24 November

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