High-tech Low-tech Fusion: TYPO Talks

In a world where change is inevitable and billions are spent on dead-end innovation, the ability to innovate nimbly and at low-cost is crucial for businesses and brands. On the other hand, some of the most inspiring and impactful examples of innovation are coming from the communities with the fewest resources. In places like Africa, India and Cuba, people are using low-tech innovation and creative thinking to transform the lives of the local people who live in devastating poverty.

In his talk, ‘High-tech, Low-tech Fusion – Creative Thinking to Transform Lives’, Pearlfisher Founding Partner & CEO Jonathan Ford will discuss what the world’s biggest brands can learn from the low-tech innovation model, inspired by this entrepreneurial thinking and the use of digital technologies in transforming rural communities.

A creative networking playground for both communications professionals and beginners, TYPO is an international design conference based in Berlin that features presentations from pioneering designers, professors, marketing mavens, artists, journalists and many more. Each TYPO conference has a topical theme which guests are invited to explore in their own ways. This year, the theme is ‘wanderlust’.

TYPO Talks
HKW, Berlin
25–27 May

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