HOW Design Live: That Time Nestle Revived an Entire Category with One Package Redesign

Lean Cuisine’s redesign represents a stunning reversal of fortune. For years, the brand had been in a tailspin as frozen meals fell out of favor with consumers – even its longstanding loyalists were losing their appetite for it. They approached us to rebrand Lean Cuisine, ultimately to re-infuse it with desire. The result was an immediate success and reclaimed millions in lost sales for the brand.

Daniel Jhung, Vice President of Marketing at Nestlé, says, “I knew the packaging was responsible for turning things around because there were three months where we only had the packaging on shelf… it changed the brand’s equity and its fortune.”

On Wednesday, May 3rd, Hamish Campbell, Pearlfisher Creative Director, will take the stage at HOW Design Live to share how we worked with Nestlé to revive the Lean Cuisine brand. He will be joined by Debbie Bester, Design Manager at Nestlé, and Steve Lamoureux, SVP of Product Development for Design Solutions at Nielsen, to outline the strategy, design process and impact of the rebrand on not just Lean Cuisine, but the entire category.

HOW Design Live
Chicago, Illinois
Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

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