Rob Laing of Farm.One to speak at Taste Mode 2016 New York event

To launch its latest investigative insight report, Pearlfisher Futures will present the key changes affecting the food and drink sectors in New York City on October 27th, at Taste Mode 2016: How to Create the Food and Drink Brands of the Future. We’re thrilled to announce that Rob Laing, founder of the indoor farm in Manhattan for chefs, Farm.One, will be a keynote speaker at the event.

Passionate about plant-based eating and using technology for clean, accessible food, Rob founded Farm.One to provide a limitless kitchen for New York’s chefs and restaurants. Farm.One grows pesticide-free herbs, greens and other unusual produce year-round using hydroponics and LED lighting, right in the heart of Manhattan’s financial district. At ‘Taste Mode 2016: How to Create the Food and Drink Brands of the Future’, Rob will discuss how he has harnessed the power of technology to feed the people of New York.

455 Broadway, New York, NY 10013
October 27th, 2016
8:30am – 2:30pm

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