Surface Magazine approached us with an open-ended brief to develop a theoretical brand that imagines the future of marijuana.

Approaching the project from a purely medicinal point of view, we developed a conceptual challenger brand – Allay – that is designed to provide relief from chronic stress, anxiety and pain by harnessing the alleviating power of the marijuana root. Allay takes the form of three bold and unexpected products. A smart wristband is meant to read the symptoms of the wearer and releases doses of marijuana at predetermined intervals. An edible oil, easily transportable in a handheld dropper, can be added to foods at a patient’s discretion, while dissolvable oral tabs, offer as-needed relief. Designed to intuitively incorporate the holistic benefits of marijuana in a consumer’s lifestyle, the products migrate the experience of a marijuana brand from recreational ritual to medical regime.

To monitor reactions and interest of Allay as a viable concept, we have set up a temporary website for the brand and a temporary Instagram account. To see the full project, please visit Surface Magazine online or pick up the latest Surface Magazine issue.