After being appointed as an Adjunct Instructor last fall, Brandi Parker, our Head of Realization, will return to teach at FIT this month.

Brandi will instruct a course titled “Digital Prepress for Packaging Design”, which is offered to senior-level students studying Packaging Design. The program prepares students for careers as packaging designers in the global brand design industry, in positions ranging from agencies to in-house corporate design departments.

Brandi adds, “This course allows students the chance to grow their interest and talents not just for production, but for the holistic packaging design process, as well. In day-to-day life, we interact with packaging design as often as other design disciplines, such as architecture or fashion, and yet the opportunities for up-and-coming talent to learn about the intricacies of our field are more limited. One of my biggest goals going into this semester is to draw attention to the real-world translations of each project. The same set of tools can get students good grades in the same way they’ll get success in the field, and the curriculum at FIT takes this into account.”

Mike Branson, Pearlfisher Founding Partner & CEO, comments, “Brandi is a gifted practitioner and teacher with a wealth of knowledge and insight to share. We are thrilled that Brandi has been invited back to FIT and it’s a classic win/win – her students will gain from the depth of her industry experience and the design industry gains from a new generation of designers who understand the power of Realization in inspiring and delivering world-class design.”

Brandi’s career culminates 15 years of technical Realization experience.

Fall semester at FIT begins on August 27. To learn more about the program, visit FIT’s website here. To learn more about Realization at Pearlfisher, visit our website here.