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The 20th of October sees the first-ever Dieline D22 conference – hosted in New York. With sustainability feeling especially critical to the world of brands and packaging at the moment, Dieline’s conference is designed to switch up the conversation by focusing on the sheer power we have to change the future and the creative possibility that comes with it.

Our very own Head of Sustainability, Brandi Parker will take to the stage to present “Pop Susty: Designing a Sustainable Culture“, a talk unpacking the importance of making sustainability an appealing and accessible part of our culture. In Brandi’s words, “We know that Design is Culture, and in this talk, I’ll share how design has shaped who we are— and how we’re lacking when it comes to making sustainability an appealing and accessible part of culture. Motivating an entire population takes influence and ironically we live in the age of influencers— so how will we redesign our outlook and our motivations?”.

Brandi will be presenting her thinking alongside a cutting-edge group of speakers including:

This year, Dieline Conference is also part of New York Advertising Week, a four-day celebration of the confluence of culture, commerce, and creativity – with over 500 speakers and 200 hybrid events spanning the 4 days.

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