We collaborated with global food company, General Mills, to revitalize the new creative expression, brand assets and packaging for Cinnamon Toast Crunch – one of the leading cereals in the country – set to debut on boxes nationwide this fall.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch has been a household staple for more than 35 years and is known for being one of the most epic cinnamon and sugar combinations ever. We designed a new creative brand narrative and assets to communicate the memorable and legendary qualities of the multi-sensorial cereal. The new brand amplifies the cereals irresistible personality to keep taste buds tingling for generations to come.

“Cinnamon Toast Crunch is focused on bringing cereal lovers exciting and new ways to enjoy their favorite cereal,” says Susan Pitt, Director of Marketing Communications for General Mills cereals. “The Cinnaverse Experience paired with Cinnamon Toast Crunch’s new look is all about bringing our fans a fresh, new way to fuel more fun, more color and most importantly – more crunch!”

Launched on #WorldEmojiDay, the renewed Cinnamon Toast Crunch features bold and colorful bursts of purple, red, green and blue and a rejuvenated look, including 16 ‘Cinnamojis’ character faces on the back of different boxes.

The new packaging will appear on store shelves throughout the U.S. in September 2019. Read more about the Cinnamon Toast Crunch launch from General Mills here.