We’re thrilled to announce that Doug Evans, founder and CEO of Juicero, is confirmed to speak at How to Create the Food and Drink Brands of the Future in San Francisco. The event marks the fourth and final in our series of global launches of Taste Mode 2016.

Juicero, the company behind the world’s first home, cold-press juicing system that makes raw, organic juice at the touch of a button, is on a mission to help people consume more fresh produce every day. Obsessed with plant power and committed to sustainability, Juicero brings cutting-edge engineering together with the freshest produce from hand-selected farms to bring cold-pressing technology, and nutrient-dense goodness, into the home.

A long-time vegan, Doug understands that good health enables a better life, and has sought out a way to help people achieve both with Organic Avenue and Juicero. We’re excited to hear him bring the insights of Taste Mode – the latest insight report from Pearlfisher Futures which explores the future of food and drink – to life at our final event in a global launch series.

To register your interest for ‘Taste Mode 2016: How to Create the Food Brands of the Future’ in San Francisco, please get in touch with [email protected]

Taste Mode San Francisco
Pearlfisher San Francisco
2nd March, 2017
8:30am – 2:30pm