Stigmatised by cultural misconceptions, China’s tampon market is practically non-existent, constituting just 1% of the £60.7 billion feminine care industry. However, as evidenced by Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui’s comment to an interviewer during the Olympics that she was on her period for one of her races, educated, expressive and ambitious Chinese women are ready, and looking, for change. Yoai, a young Chinese company established less than a year ago, intends to succeed where countless international corporations failed by being the first to create a market for tampons in China by changing perceptions of the poorly understood product. We have helped the visionary challenger do this by harnessing the power of branding and design to accelerate behavioural change.

Looking to inject confidence and positivity into a category characterised by apologetic expressions of femininity, Pearlfisher rooted our approach to the brand creation in the mission to empower “the woman within.” The brand name, ‘Fémme’ – an elegant allusion to female sensuality – looks to shift perceptions of menstruation from patronising to positive, from conservatively traditional to boldly symbolic of contemporary female identity; while the identity and packaging design is simultaneously elegant and discreet, ensuring that Femme is a product women feel confident to carry around in their handbags instead of hide away.

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