Founded in 2004, Haller is an innovative charity operating in Kenya that helps local farmers live self-sustainably by equipping them with long-term life-skill training programmes including farming, education, alternative energy generation and nano-enterprise.

As part of our ongoing relationship, we’ve redesigned the Haller website to propel the foundation into a new phase of innovation, scale and growth. Energetic, intuitive and celebratory of the people that Haller empowers, the website combines bright colours and with modular, hierarchical information design to convey the message and mission of Haller to new global audiences.

On Monday 12th December, Kenya’s Independence Day, Haller will be celebrating the launch of the website and another year of transforming the lives of smallholder farmers through education, resources and tools, at their Jamhuri Day party in Covent Garden. Come along for a drink, a dance and to warm the cockles of your heart with the smiles and spirit of Kenya as the frost settles over chilly London.

Haller Jamhuri Day Party 
Foundation Bar, Covent Garden, WC2H 9JA
12th December 2016
6:30pm – midnight.