Accessible. Personalized. Smile-worthy. When we partnered with Colgate-Palmolive to create a series of smart connected toothbrushes, we were inspired to design a brand that could empower people to feel in control of their oral health.

We are so proud that hum by Colgate is a finalist at this year’s Innovation by Design Awards. The 10th anniversary of the awards, which can be found in the October2021 issue of Fast Company, recognize people, teams, and companies that transform businesses, organizations, and society through design.

Hum is a fun engaging and sensorial ‘brush that knows you with an app that shows you.’ With guidance to improve speed, angle, and coverage as well as gamified challenges that make brushing more fun, the brush and app duo provide a breadth of innovative features, all of which reward the user with smile points along the way. Our team created the clean and unique design, packaging and mobile app aesthetic.

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