Pearlfisher New York and Nestlé have won the Grand Prize at the Nielsen Design Impact Awards for their strategic rebranding of frozen food icon, Lean Cuisine.

From hundreds of submissions, Lean Cuisine Marketplace was selected as the Grand Prize winner of the Nieslon Design Impact Awards. Launched in collaboration with The Dieline, the award recognizes the most impactful and effective redesigns over the last two years and celebrates the measurable business impact of design.

Against the backdrop of a declining category, our work for Lean Cuisine helped drive a sales increase of $58 million in the first year.

“The new design was the number one reason the Lean Cuisine brand was able to turn itself around—we went from declining sales to significant sales gains even before we turned on media support,” said Daniel Jhung, vice president of marketing at Nestlé USA. “The bold new Marketplace packaging signified a major pivot away from our ‘diet’ heritage towards our new modern health and wellness partner positioning, motivating consumers to re-engage with our brand again. This complete turnaround demonstrates the power of investing in effective package design and designing it with consumers in mind.”

The Nielsen Impact Awards highlights package designs that have catalyzed remarkable brand growth. This year, the award received hundreds of submissions, each one detailing a successful U.S. package redesign that launched between January 2014 and March 2016. Nielsen first evaluated the design performance for each entry by comparing the dollar sales, unit sales, and distribution in the year following the redesign to the same period one year prior. Finalists were then evaluated via quantitative consumer research among thousands of categories to assess how well each redesign addressed its core communication objective and drove purchase preference for the new designs over the old.

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