Introducing our range of bespoke designs for challenger whisky brand, NED and its collection of limited-edition, premium whisky releases – The Wanted Series.

The Ned Kelly themed brand – inspired by the notorious bushranger, whose fearless and charismatic spirit made him a polarising Australian icon – was born from a desire to create a locally crafted whisky with a daring persona. This mentality is embodied in a name that carries a legendary status and adds a mysterious and intriguing world of storytelling for the NED brand and its packaging.

We created unique narratives for each variant within NED’s limited-edition collection – The LOYALTY of NED, The DARING of NED, The FLAIR of NED and The BRAVERY of NED – acting as a strong hook that provides a dynamic opportunity and platform for future releases. Each design is raw, rough and gritty and is reflected in the printing process and label placement to make each bottle a truly authentic, edgy and hand-made experience.

Across the bottles, icons interplay with a whole host of illustrations, depicting elements of storytelling related to the life and spirit of Ned Kelly. And for people to discover and explore while enjoying a glass of NED whisky.

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