From 7-16 November, Pearlfisher’s gallery space will become home to the exhibition of an exquisite personal  collection by renowned photographer and friend of Pearlfisher, Alan Newnham.

The exhibition, Patina, celebrates a collection of everyday utensils – inanimate objects – with which we interact everyday and without thinking, but each of which tell a unique story and in doing so, describe the unerring passage of time. Alan considers at these objects of utility and puts them in a place where they can be admired for their beauty. Originally crafted frames have been refashioned to complete the artworks, acknowledging the beauty of utility and the patina of age.

To join us for the opening evening on Friday 4th November, please RSVP to [email protected]

The Gallery at Pearlfisher
7-16 November, Monday – Friday
10am-6pm, or by appointment