We’re excited to reveal our strategic positioning, packaging design and tone of voice for new challenger oat milk brand, Heaven. Launching across Italy in both retail and cafés, Heaven is the first brand of its kind to use only oats as its non-dairy base and is seeding a revolution in the landscape of Italian coffee with its mission to help people pursue a happier, healthier life.

Founded by a team of entrepreneurs – Inga Jasiuvian, Caterina Racca and Brendan Harris, all with a richly diverse background in food and drink – Heaven taps into the needs of urban, health-conscious Italians and a growing culture of flexitarian eating and drinking. 

Italy is the coffee capital of the world, defined by ritual, tradition and taste. Where soy has remained unchallenged as the only dairy alternative for years, we saw an opportunity to shift perceptions with a compelling and purposeful brand that spoke to the aspirations of the Italian youth. In a category of functional products, Heaven is a beacon of positivity that champions a message bigger than oat milk – the idea that small steps are all that is needed to improve your life, look after the planet and live more positively.

To put Heaven into the hearts and hands of consumers, we created a distinctive identity that brings new parlance and emotional appeal to a category defined by deficiency. A spirit of uplift and optimism is captured in our tone of voice and design, whilst the creation of a distinctive drink – the ‘avenaccino,’ using the Italian word ‘avena’ for oat – gives Heaven a distinct and ownable position in a culture of coffee excellence.

Given the traditional nature of the Italian market, our creative approach was to inject purpose, personality and soul without straying too far from the familiar. We created an iconic mark for Heaven in the bluebird – a symbol of happiness and possibility designed to appeal to everyone and make them smile.

Heaven will be available in cafès and retail stores all over Italy from summer 2020 and online here.