Jameson and Pearlfisher London have collaborated with Dublin-based designer and illustrator Steve McCarthy to create the 2017 Jameson limited edition St Patrick’s Day bottle.

A highly anticipated annual launch, the St Patrick’s Day bottle brings Jameson’s heritage together with a recognised pedigree of unique and inspirational designs to celebrate one of Ireland’s most significant traditions. Each year, Pearlfisher undergoes a rigorous selection process to find an artist who will continue to challenge limited edition and what it means to Jameson.

This year’s bottle – the 6th consecutive limited edition – celebrates the Jameson family motto Sine Metu, or ‘without fear’, which has been at the heart of the company since it was founded in 1780. The design is inspired by an Irish legend from which the saying, ‘To chance your arm,’ originates. As the story goes, ‘Black James’ Butler and his men found themselves barricaded behind the door to St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin in the battling days of 1492. Looking to make peace, Gearóid Fitzgerald, who was on the other side, cut a hole in the door and extended his hand through the gap as a token of friendship. Instead of cutting his arm off with a sword, Butler shook it and the long standing feud came to an end. Over 500 years later, Dublin is still a place where social barriers break easily and friendships come about in the most unexpected of ways.

Steve McCarthy is known for his bold, colourful and witty style and his work is often inspired by the playful use of words that the Irish are famous for. Against a backdrop of Dublin’s most recognisable monuments, his design brings the story of friendship and brotherhood to life in a handshake framed by the St Patrick’s door of reconciliation.