Have you been watching VICELAND’s new series, Hustle, on Sunday nights? The show follows entrepreneur and venture capitalist, John Henry, as he coaches budding brand leaders in New York City to take their dreams and their businesses to the next level.

We had an amazing experience taking part in the latest episode, Moonshine Makeover. In it, John introduced us to the co-founders Billy Valentin and Ralph Barbosa of Port Morris Distillery, the first legal Pitorro moonshine distillery in the United States, as they work on growing their distribution efforts across NYC and beyond.

From the episode, it’s apparent that Billy and Ralph have put a lot of effort into their Pitorro spirit and brand over the last five years in the Bronx. In fact, the prospect of collaborating with us on the bottle designs made them nervous that they’d lose their distinctive qualities, or worse, “have to start from square one”. We loved having the chance to hear from Billy and Ralph, assess the opportunities for Port Morris Distillery and work with them on options for a renewed branding that narrows in on the unique aspects of Pitorro to improve their connection to consumers and elevate the brand as a whole. We also designed the postcard that Billy and Ralph presented to the Four Seasons team during the episode, which provides additional background on the Port Morris Distillery history and recommendations on how to use Pitorro.

Behind the scenes, we presented four design routes to Billy and Ralph ahead of their meeting with the Four Seasons. Since filming the episode, we have continued to work with Port Morris Distillery on the design details and production logistics in order to make the updated bottle design showed in the episode a reality.

Check out our updated bottle design in the images below and view the entire episode on VICELAND.