Chocolatiers Steve Russell and Giles Atwell are challenging the chocolate market with their innovative and restaurant-quality, chilled chocolates as they launch new brand Russell & Atwell into the UK with a breakthrough brand identity and design from Pearlfisher.

The humour and personality in our design visually communicates the playful friendship and partnership of Steve and Giles. Connecting the two names in the identity shows this close unity and weaving of expertise – with the texture in the type referencing the beauty in imperfection at the heart of these delicious, hand-finished, fresh chocolates.

The illustrated paper-cuts of the chocolatiers, both wearing sweaters, bring to life the unique nature of the brand’s product with different coloured sweaters cueing the different flavours of the chocolates. Individual icons reinforce the storytelling, depicting temperature with snowflakes and scarves or the artisanal and real food nature of the brand with an apron or honey drizzler.

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