FUL is a visionary project in the sustainability space and the world’s first planet-positive brand powered by microalgae. 

We defined the vision and identity for FUL as a business, brand and ingredient platform dedicated to unlocking the full potential of microalgae in our lives.

Embracing algae as one of our world’s richest, self-sustaining resources, we expressed a powerful purpose to create macro impact from microalgae through a strategy that embodies ‘the power of small’, opening up the previously unknown possibilities held within the minuscule yet mighty algae – our planet’s oldest lifeform, now set to be our future life source. 

The result is a brand designed for the climate change generation, with a roadmap to build universal appeal – protecting, sustaining and nourishing us so we can all thrive in a prosperous world.

Our creative expression for the first range of FUL products comes alive through highly innovative superfood tonic waters whilst setting the future direction and story of the brand with its significant mission to create a sustainable future for all.

Expressing a ‘full of life’ spirit and mindset, our packaging design communicates the invigorating nature of this new offer and the positive impact microalgae can have on our future. The joyful aesthetic of the brand colour palette and typography of the wordmark takes inspiration from the rounded shapes of microalgae farms, while subtle and fluid illustrations are representative of the drink’s key ingredient, evoking its natural blue-green colours and cellular structure.

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2021 World Beverage Innovation Awards | Best Beverage Ingredient Winner

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