In the lead up to St Patrick’s Day on the 17th March, Pearlfisher has collaborated with Jameson and 3 well-respected artists – Claudine O’Sullivan, Alex Mellon and Leonn Ward – to create the much-anticipated, 2018 Jameson limited edition St Patrick’s Day bottle.

This year’s bottle – the 7th consecutive limited edition – is inspired by the Irish folk story, Heroes Unite. In the story, three friends set out on an incredible journey, as they head off to war an eagle provides them with the shields and swords they may need for whatever comes their way. This story of adventure is brought to life on the bottle in a literal and modern representation, with an illustration and graphics that tell the story of a group of lads on a night out celebrating St Patrick’s Day. The story begins at the bottom of the bottle and, as the night goes on, progresses upwards; pulling in elements of the folk story through the illustration and graphics, which transcend to a beautifully hand-drawn eagle at the top.

Each of the three artists bring something different and unique into the design, Claudine’s hand-drawn eagle, Alex’s distinctive icons and stunning photography by Leon, perfectly showcase their individual talent, their work represents bravery, unity and the opportunities that lie ahead when friends come together.